A camping flag pole should be durable enough to stand up to rough handling.

Wood Flagpole


If you don't want to purchase a complete kit, you can opt for a rail-mounted flagpole. These work well on rails, fences, and balconies.


You can also install these flagpoles on boats and RVs. They do not require much assembly and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

flagpole kit

If you're looking for a flagpole kit, it's a good idea to purchase one that is American-made and is made in the United States.


The Liberty solid wood flagpole kit is made in the USA, so you'll be proud to show your pride in your country.


Before you install your flagpole, you should carefully consider its location. The placement should be free of obstructions.


The flagpole should be at a height that can be easily seen from the street. However, you should make sure to keep in mind the size of your home.

Titan Flagpole

Titan flagpole kits are easy to install. They include all the parts required to install your flagpole. These flagpole kits are made to be mounted outside the building. However, you must make sure that there are no utility lines beneath the location of the flagpole. It's also essential to locate your flagpole far enough away from the house to avoid possible damage.


For example, if you live in a city, it’s important to consider the size of your home and its surroundings.



The pole became a meeting place for them and a symbolic place for protesting against the British government.



This flagpole features an advanced telescoping system with a Swedge-Pin Sectional Design. This product is designed for durability and can handle 100 mph winds.



For residential use, 20 feet is typical, but larger homes may require a 25 or 30-foot flagpole. In addition, the flagpole may have internal or external halyards.

After the Stamp Act was repealed in 1766, the Sons of Liberty erected their first Liberty Pole. Eventually, British Redcoats cut down the pole, and they had to build a new one four times.

Service First

Service First is an exclusive dealer of the DELTA series flagpole, made from 11 gauge aluminum. If you are looking for a flagpole that will last for a long time, Service First is the company to call.


This product comes in a range of heights, from fifteen feet up to 25 feet. The ideal height depends on how much visibility you want to have from different angles. The Titan flagpole kit is easy to install. It comes with all the parts and materials necessary for installing the flagpole. After purchasing the Titan flagpole, you should select a location where the flagpole will be installed. Be sure that there are no overhead utility lines, and that you place the pole far enough away from your home. Installing a flagpole too close to your house can damage it.